How do I arrange the session?
Fill out the contact form on the website or email me directly at Let me know the best way to reach you. I can answer your questions and we can book your session. Once you have scheduled your session, I will contact you via phone or email to discuss your goals and the logistics of the shoot. We will work together to schedule the best time of day for the session, taking naps, meals and ideal lighting into consideration. A typical session lasts 1 hour allowing for breaks whenever needed. I never rush a session and will finish when I feel that enough images have been captured to exceed your expectations. The sitting fee is due upon booking in order to hold your date and time.

What should I expect from my sitting?
Sessions are a fun, interactive experience between your children, you and me. I will sing, play tag, tell jokes and do whatever it takes in order to capture their natural expressions. I will also try to photograph them as they become involved with their favorite activities, whether it is reading a book, playing with Legos or interacting with a sibling. Please make sure your child is well rested and fed before the beginning of the session.
I encourage parents to be with their children in some pictures. Many of the best images are relationship shots that are captured in these moments. Overall just plan to relax, it will be fun--I promise. You kids will enjoy it too and they can’t be any worse behaved than mine…Ha :)

Where do the pictures get taken?
Studio and outdoor locations are available. The studio is perfect for pregnant women, babies and the little people. My studio is on the site of a former Amish farm so we have many rustic structures, beautiful stonework and bucolic backgrounds for your pictures. But I also use several Chester county parks, and can come to your home or favorite location.  fees apply for location work.

What to wear?
When dressing yourself or your children for our session; simpler is better—especially when photographing two or more children together. Midtones of varying colors photograph very well. Solid colors, jeans, sundresses, etc. are great for creating timeless portraits. I suggest avoiding logos/words or distracting patterns. Embellished, layered and textured clothing in addition scarves look great. I suggest a color that brings out the eyes. Long sleeves work best most of the time on grownups. Bring more than one outfit and I can assist you in choosing the desired look for your portraits. If you are being photographed in a group, coordinating clothing is best (like colors and style) but not “matchy-matchy” as if you where decorating a room. Bare skin is my favorite for newborns and babies and bare feet are great at any age! With all this in mind, favorite outfits, dress up clothes, and "lovies" will gladly be added. I love hats!

What happens after our session?
Within two weeks of your session an online gallery of your images will be available for viewing from the proofing link at the top of the site. You are free to share your gallery with friends and family while it is online. Your online gallery will include color portraits but will also have a sampling of black and white portraits as well as some artistic and unique photographs to choose from. Many times people have such a hard time choosing their favorites…I love to help.
The gallery will be available for two weeks. Once the online gallery is removed, there is a $25 fee if extended viewing is necessary.

How do I order my pictures?
While you are welcome to place your order directly online as well, many clients choose to meet with Mary to get her input. She can help you narrow down your selections and give you ideas for cropping, grouping, framing and enlarging.

Each photograph you order is custom printed, which means every photograph is treated like an original work of art. There is flexibility in the printing, which allows for cropping, adjusting contrast and shadows, and creating borders. You can expect your final photographs to be ready to pick up approximately three weeks after the order is placed. Rush ordering and direct shipping are available.

Payment is due when you place your order. We accept cash, check or Credit Card through pay pal.

Referrals mean so much…make sure your friends mention your name so you can receive proper studio credit. Gift certificates make a wonderful gift for your family and friends. Gift certificates can be purchased in any amount. Designated amounts can be used then to purchase products, pay for the sitting fees or both. Please feel free to contact me if you would like to purchase a Gift Certificate.
All images are protected by Federal Copyright Laws and may not be reproduced, reprinted, scanned or copied without my express written permission.