About Me

I couldn't wait to start studying Photography in high school and took it as a minor in college. After graduating, I worked as a protrait photographer in a video dating service-of all places-for several years (yes, I have some crazy stories). This was way before the internet... What I learned at that job was how different one person could look based on how comfortable they were. The more relaxed the subject-the better the picture. Although I am rarely in front of the camera, I usually hate pictures of myself unless they are candids--I think alot of people feel this way. I work really hard to make people feel comfortable and show their "best" selves. I worked in another industry for seven years, but never ended my love affair with photography. Once I started a family, I always had my camera in hand. I took my first born to the mall studio because I thought that was what I was supposed to do. Ugh, I hated those pictures!!! Aside from the color balance and exposure being way off, my cute little baby with the devilish grin looked like she was in pain. That was it--I started taking all my family portraits and those of many friends; Picklepuss Photography was born.

I am a professional photographer based in Malvern, PA. I specialize in portrait photography—capturing babies, children and families with my camera. I strive to capture your child in a natural, unobtrusive way…to get that picture that is just them being them. Capturing children’s relaxed spontaneous expressions, family relationships, and the tenderness of a newborn baby is my ultimate goal. No two shoots are exactly the same I let it evolve naturally with a little coaching. My signature professional portraits are lightly posed, candid photographs showcasing full cheeks, sparkling eyes and the unique personality of each individual.
Everyone should have meaningful and touching photographs of their children. Remember your kids as they are today. I have done my job when your heart aches a little when you see the images. I love having all these little faces in my life and look forward to meeting yours.

Picklepuss Photography also offers competitively priced portrait packages for schools and childcare centers. My professional skills include commercial and editorial photography.